Life Can Change Instantly Following A Car Accident

We Help Prevent You From Suffering Financially

If you spend any time driving around New York, you know that traffic is a real problem in our area. With so many other motorists on the roadways, there is a fair chance that you could be involved in a motor vehicle accident, even if you are doing everything possible to avoid the crash.

Should you find yourself injured by another driver, you need to take immediate action to protect your claims. Deadlines must be met; investigation must be done. At the Law Office of Frank A. Cetero, our personal injury lawyers are ready to help you recover money from the others involved in the crash. We are also ready to help you get the medical care you need. Our legal team has more than 50 years of combined experience representing clients in motor vehicle accident cases.

Professional Representation — Inside And Outside Of The Courtroom

Each accident case will have different issues that will need to be carefully reviewed to determine the compensation available. We help you understand your options, and we work diligently to achieve a resolution that helps you maximize your recovery. Our past cases have included:

  • Car and truck accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Bicycle and vehicle collisions
  • Pedestrian accidents

While we make every effort to reach an agreement with the opposing parties before a trial becomes necessary, we know that this may not always be possible. Our attorneys have handled trials inside courtrooms across New York and New Jersey. We are not afraid of going to trial for you. We are confident that we can present a strong case for you and your family.

Our Experience Pays Off

To schedule a free consultation with our Suffolk County car accident attorneys, call 631-517-0941 or send us an email. Our team is committed to providing you with aggressive representation to help you recover the money you deserve.