Halloween is fun for kids and adults alike. If you normally hand out candy, you probably take quite a bit of time to dress up your home for the holiday. Homeowners must also keep safety in mind, or they face a significant liability risk if a third party is injured at their home. Consumer Affairs offers the following tips on you make your home safe on Halloween. 

Along with keeping your porch light on to signal trick or treaters, also consider whether the rest of your property is well lit. Dark walkways and yards can be hard to navigate for small kids, especially when their minds are preoccupied with thoughts of candy. Consider installing additional exterior lighting for the holiday, such as walkway illumination or battery-powered lights. If you’re decorating with jack-o’-lanterns, keep in mind that open flames pose a fire hazard to small children. Accordingly, these decorations should be kept far away from kids. 

While you’re improving lighting around your home, also take some time to clear out any clutter within the path of trick or treaters. Children can easily trip over items in their path, even when walking with parents or guardians. Also, consider getting broken concrete or derelict railings fixed to ensure safety for the kids visiting your home. 

If you have a dog, it’s best to keep him indoors. There’s no telling how an animal might react, and it can be hard to keep younger children from trying to pet the animal. Dogs can easily become excitable around large groups and costumes, which can lead to bites and attacks. A dog bite is the responsibility of the dog owner, so keeping your pet inside on Halloween protects kids and yourself.