The Social Security Disability program can be a lifesaver when you are unable to work due to an injury, illness or medical condition. Like any type of social program, SSDI has restrictions and limitations. This includes things that could end your benefit payments in New York. It is a good idea to understand what things could stop your benefits so you can plan ahead and manage your benefits properly.  

The Motley Fool explains that the Social Security Administration has very strict rules when it comes to SSDI benefits. It is important to remember that SSDI is based on your work history and your earnings. It is not based upon need, so even if you still need these benefits, the SSA can still stop them.  

To get SSDI, you have to meet the SSA definition of having a qualified disability. If your disability suddenly falls outside that definition, your benefits could stop. This includes being able to return to work, which is also a disqualifier for these benefits. 

If you reach the age to collect Social Security retirement benefits, then your SSDI stops and you then begin collecting retirement. You do not collect both of these benefits at once. You also do not have a say in this happening, regardless of whether it could change your benefit amount or not.  

You will always receive notification from the SSA about your benefits and any changes. You may also get the option to issue an objection or request further help if you think the decision to end your benefits is incorrect. This information is for education and is not legal advice.