Qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits is not easy. It is common to have to apply multiple times before getting approval. The system’s design is to prevent fraud and only provide benefits for those who genuinely need them due to a debilitating disability. When you go to apply in New York for SSDI, it might help to learn a little more about the system.

The Social Security Administration explains that the United States has one of the strictest qualification standards in the world when it comes to disability benefits. The denial rate for applications is very high due to the limiting definition the SSA has of what qualifies as a disability. This restricts these benefits only for the most serious of cases.

Some quick facts

The average monthly benefit for SSDI as of 2019 is $1,234. This adds up to just $12,140 a year. This is not a large amount of money, but it does assist with living expenses. Many people on SSDI rely on it for their sole income. However, it is possible for a person to also get Supplemental Social Security if they do not have other income and meet the other requirements. This can help increase the monthly income.

SSDI is not just for older people. People of all ages, including children, receive these benefits. In fact, disability before retirement will happen for every one out of four 20-year-olds.

When it comes to application denials, the standard rate is only one in four will receive approval. Further proof of the requirement for the disability to be serious is that within one year of receiving approval, one in eight women and one in six men will die.

SSDI is not an easy benefit to get because it is meant only for severe situations. While it is helpful to those who really need it, it does not even pay as much as a full-time job at the federal minimum wage.