Getting Social Security Disability benefits is notoriously difficult. The Social Security Administration places strict limits on who can qualify for these benefits because they want to restrict them to only those individuals who cannot work at all due to a disability. You may wonder if your status as a veteran of the U.S. armed forces can help you secure SSDI benefits. Your status cannot help you qualify for benefits, but it can help you get through the application process faster.

According to the SSA, as a veteran, you qualify for expedited application processing. You must have a 100% permanent and total rating from Veterans Affairs to get this advantage, though. Do keep in mind that the VA’s requirements for permanent and total disability do differ from those of the SSA. So, even with this rating from the VA, you still must pass the SSA’s process and meet its definition of disability, which is quite strict and limited.

In general, the SSA qualifies something as a disability for benefits purposes if it will last for at least one year or more and if it makes it so that you are unable to work at all. You must be unable to work even with accommodations in any job in any field for which you qualify. In some situations, if you could receive training and work in a field, then you would not qualify under the definition of disability. Of course, the details about qualify for benefits and what the SSA considers a disability are complex. The first step to learning more is filing your SSDI application.