When someone sustains an injury on the job, various consequences often follow. Many victims of workplace accidents in New York struggle with physical pain and an inability to work (at least temporarily), but there are some serious long-term hardships that arise after some accidents as well. At the Law Office of Frank A. Cetero, we know that many workers have to switch careers altogether as a result of a workplace injury. Moreover, some cannot work at all due to a serious accident that has left them immobilized or with significant brain damage. 

In some cases, those injured at work are able to find new careers that are just as lucrative and fulfilling (if not more so). Finding a job in a different field is tough for many reasons, but injured workers often have resources to assist them through the process. For example, workers’ compensation helps many people train for work in a different capacity. Moreover, workers’ comp benefits help injured workers who are facing financial problems as a result of missed work, medical bills and so on. 

If you are thinking about looking for work in a different field, or if you are struggling financially due to a work-related injury, it is important to look into workers’ comp benefits. Please visit our page on this area of law to read more information related to applying for workers’ comp and recovering from a workplace accident. Moreover, try to stay optimistic about your circumstances and focus on turning your life around. Job-related injuries are very hard for so many victims, but a brighter future is often within reach.