There are many ways in which traffic collisions occur, whether a driver falls asleep behind the wheel or collides with another vehicle while going too fast. However, improper passing is especially concerning and in this post, we will look at some of the ways in which these accidents take place. When someone is hit by a driver who fails to follow traffic safety guidelines, it is important for them to firmly stand up for their legal rights.

Passing in the wrong place

Sometimes, aggressive drivers try to pass vehicles in areas where passing is not allowed. This is very dangerous, whether they cause an accident due to oncoming traffic or a vehicle attempting to pull out. Whether a driver is in a rush, does not have experience on the road or they are frustrated with a vehicle in front of them, there are different reasons why people try to pass in places where they should not. However, there is no excuse for this behavior.

Failing to use signals

Sometimes, people pass other vehicles abruptly and fail to use their signals to alert other drivers that they are switching lanes. When a driver cuts other vehicles off, they increase the chances of a collision. This is especially dangerous on the freeway and other parts of the road where vehicles travel at a high rate of speed. Regardless of the way in which an accident occurs due to improper passing, victims need to take a look at their options afterward. Our blog covers other issues related to negligent driving and the consequences of these accidents.