In the construction industry, there are many reasons why accidents occur on job sites. From using heavy machinery to working with hazardous materials and in high places, construction workers face many risks every day. Moreover, those who do not have very much experience are especially likely to find themselves in an accident or cause a mishap that leaves other workers injured.


For inexperienced construction workers, there are many hazards. Some have little familiarity with certain types of equipment and they have a hard time identifying risks that are present on the job. For example, a worker who has very little experience with certain types of equipment is more likely to injure themselves while using machinery. Simple mistakes, such as forgetting that a tool was left on top of a ladder, can lead to serious injuries. In construction, there are a plethora of hazards and those who lack experience are far more likely to miss these hazards and avoid behaviors that increase the odds of a mishap.

Recovering from an accident

It is also important to note that construction accidents occur regardless of one’s experience. Even those who have been working in a particular trade for decades face risks and many accidents are unavoidable. If you were involved in an accident caused by your own lack of experience, an inexperienced co-worker or for any other reason, it is crucial to look into the options you have. Workers’ compensation benefits help many injured construction workers who find themselves in this position and our website goes into more detail on this topic.