A host of work-related hazards threaten the safety of people in many different occupations, but construction workers are especially likely to be hurt in an accident. Among the other risks that construction workers face (such as using dangerous equipment or hazardous chemicals), many workers are injured after falling from a high place. Ladders are involved in many of these mishaps, but others fall off of roofs or scaffolding. 


Obviously, preventing an accident is paramount. Employers and those who work in construction need to recognize the risks that are present and take steps to prevent a worker from falling. Regrettably, no amount of prevention prevents all accidents. Sometimes, poor weather conditions, inexperience and faulty equipment lead to an accident. Moreover, workers sometimes fall down after they are startled or struck by an object. 


Every construction accident is different and this is also true with regard to the consequences a worker faces afterward. Sometimes, workers are able to return to work shortly after the accident, while others are unable to perform their job duties for months. Some people are immobilized and cannot ever work in the same capacity again. Aside from the physical aspect of recovery, it is imperative for injured workers to look into their legal options. 

For many injured construction workers, workers’ compensation benefits restore the financial security that was lost in a job site accident. Assistance with medical costs and lost wages are a lifeline and these benefits also help train people for different jobs. Explore our website to go over more on moving forward from a construction accident.