Pedestrians encounter a number of dangers while walking alongside traffic or attempting to cross the road. Drunk drivers, distractions such as cell phones and even poor weather conditions all play a role in the number of pedestrian accidents that take place. Sadly, these accidents are especially likely to leave victims with serious injuries and even claim lives. Whether you walk on a daily basis or occasionally, it is imperative to pinpoint the risk factors that lead to many of these accidents.

Walking in the morning

There are certain times when pedestrian accidents are especially likely to occur. In the early morning hours, pedestrian accidents are especially likely to take place for a host of reasons. Sometimes, visibility is poor due because it is still dark out or there is dense fog. Moreover, many drivers are very tired while they are driving to work, or even in a rush because they do not want to be late. Furthermore, a lot of drivers (and pedestrians) are especially tired during this time of day, making the chances of an accident even higher.

Exploring legal options

It is imperative for pedestrians who are hit by vehicles to explore all of their options with respect to the recovery process. In some instances, taking legal action is necessary, such as a pedestrian who is struck by a drunk driver or someone who was going too fast. Our law firm is committed to providing the victims of these accidents with information that will help them restore some normalcy in their lives and we discuss these topics in greater detail on our blog.