Whenever a vehicle collides with a bicyclist, there is a high risk of serious injury or the loss of life. However, this is especially true when drivers travel at a high rate of speed. Regrettably, many drivers show little concern for others on the road and recklessly endanger lives by going over the speed limit. Bicyclists are particularly vulnerable in this regard and many sustain serious injuries after a speeding driver hits them.

Risks associated with speeding

For starters, drivers who go too fast have more difficulty seeing bicyclists, especially if they speed around a sharp turn or up a hill. Moreover, they have less time to react to situations on the road and some veer off of the road and collide with bicyclists who are on the sidewalk. Aside from the ways in which speeding increases the risk of an accident, it also increases the probability of a devastating outcome. At higher speeds, the impact of a collision is often far worse. Many bicyclists struck by speeding vehicles become permanently immobilized, sustain brain damage and face many other hardships afterward.

Holding negligent drivers accountable

It is imperative for bicyclists who are hit by speeding drivers to take a firm stand for their legal rights. Often, this involves going to court and filing a lawsuit against a reckless driver. Before moving ahead with legal action, victims need to thoroughly evaluate all of their options and determine which strategies make the most sense. Please visit our section on motor vehicle accidents if a reckless driver has turned your life upside down and you are not sure about what to do next.