During the winter, many people avoid riding their bicycles due to inclement weather such as snow, ice, cold temperatures and heavy rain. Often, people look forward to the summer, when they frequently ride. However, weather-related hazards are also present during the summer months and cause many serious bicycle accidents.

For starters, heat is a major concern in the summer months and even when bicyclists do everything in their power to stay safe, they face the risk of an accident due to the behavior of other bicyclists and drivers. Sadly, many sustain serious injuries in accidents.

Fatigue and careless driving

When heat waves hit, many people struggle with drowsiness and fatigue. Some people are too tired to drive safely but push themselves to get behind the wheel because they have to go to work or take care of other responsibilities. Some drivers, such as those riding in vehicles with broken air conditioners, are especially likely to suffer due to the effects of heat. This causes some drivers to break traffic safety laws and interferes with their ability to watch out for bicyclists.

Aggressive behavior

Sometimes, people become increasingly aggressive during periods of intense heat. This aggression is especially concerning when it affects one’s driving, and bicyclists are especially vulnerable in the presence of aggressive drivers. For example, those struggling with road rage are less likely to yield, stay within the speed limit or watch out for bicyclists.

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