Sometimes, the consequences of a car crash are immediately clear, such as a broken bone. In other instances, auto accident victims do not realize the full extent of physical and mental damage until later on. For example, some people develop tremors weeks or even months after a wreck. Tremors and other movement disorders are often a sign of whiplash and it is imperative for people to address neck injuries appropriately. Leaving whiplash untreated can cause a loss of motion, stiffness, misalignment of vertebrae and degenerative disc disease.

Whiplash and other injuries

Whiplash is often a result of a rear-end auto accident, although any type of traffic collision has the potential to cause neck injuries and a host of other serious problems. Sometimes, people detect these symptoms and seek treatment right away. On the other hand, some victims do not realize the full extent of the damage until later on. This is why it is so pivotal for those involved in a car wreck to focus on the possibility of a head or neck injury right away and seek medical attention when necessary.

Moving forward

Sometimes, people are able to recover from these injuries after several months, while others have long-term physical challenges as a result of whiplash and other auto accident injuries. Tremors and movement disorders have the potential to disrupt various facets of a victim’s life, from their physical activity and hobbies they enjoy to their ability to work. It is imperative for auto crash victims to pursue all of the resources that will help them recover, which often means going to court. Our website discusses more on the legal side of auto accidents.