Across New York, there are many different weather-related hazards that lead to accidents. During the winter months, snowfall and ice increase the odds of a wreck. In the summer, many drivers become fatigued as a result of oppressive heat. Moreover, fog, heavy rain and strong winds increase the odds of a crash throughout the year. It is crucial for drivers to stay safe and watch out for these dangers. In some instances, it is best to stay off of the road until conditions improve. Sadly, some drive too fast during poor weather conditions or fail to pay attention to the road.

The consequences of a crash

When a weather-related accident takes place, victims often suffer through many hardships. Broken bones, financial problems, emotional turmoil and other hardships are common. Sadly, many lose the ability to work because of the wreck and some even experience problems in other aspects of their lives, such as their marriage. Sometimes, the full extent of an accident is not clear until later on, especially when it comes to brain injuries and realizing the total financial impact of the wreck.

Reckless drivers

Some drivers do not pay attention to these risks and go over the speed limit or fail to observe other traffic safety guidelines. Reckless driving is especially concerning when weather conditions are poor and it is pivotal for victims to hold these drivers accountable for the suffering they cause. There is no excuse for speeding or improper passing, especially when the roads are dangerous, and victims need to examine their legal options. Our website covers many different aspects of recovering from a motor vehicle wreck that occurred during inclement weather or at any other time.