From a physical point of view, work-related accidents are very serious and cause many different hardships. However, the mental toll of these accidents is devastating for many people as well, especially for those who sustain a traumatic brain injury or some other type of head injury. Losing the ability to work, struggling with memory problems and even experiencing problems in one’s marriage and other personal relationships is a reality for many people who sustain a head injury while they are at work.

Risk factors

People sustain head injuries in many ways while working. Construction workers fall off ladders and face the risk of falling objects. Moreover, even those who work in an office face these risks due to slipping on wet floors and other hazards that are present. On-the-job traffic collisions also cause many workers to sustain brain injuries.

The road to recovery

It is imperative for people to understand that the full impact of a head injury is not always evident right away. This is problematic for some people who choose not to pursue workers’ compensation benefits, for example, only to find out that they need help later on. For these reasons, those who hit their head in any type of on-the-job incident need to determine whether they sustained brain trauma and respond appropriately.

If you sustained a head injury at work, look into your potential options, such as workers’ compensation. These benefits help many people recover from the physical, financial and even emotional challenges that they are facing due to brain trauma or some other work-related injury and our website goes into more detail on this topic.