New Yorkers know  that the actions of other drivers impact their own safety. But do you know how much one drowsy driver can affect the safety of everyone on the road? 

Today we will look at how drowsy driving can endanger all drivers. We will see what makes it dangerous. We will also take a look at why drivers continue to engage in this behavior. 

Why drowsy driving is dangerous 

The National Sleep Foundation looks into drowsy driving as a risk to all drivers. First, they state that drowsy driving is a type of distracted driving. This makes it like texting while driving. Why is it categorized this way? In short, if you drive drowsy, the drowsiness itself is a distraction. When tired, you cannot react to things as you would on a normal basis. Your ability to make decisions may not be up to par. You cannot react to dangers well. Your reaction time is slower than usual in general. This is why so many drowsy drivers end up rear-ending cars ahead of them. They do not notice a car has stopped in time to put on the brakes. 

Why do tired people still drive? 

Why do drivers continue to get on the road without enough sleep? It does not have as much of a stigma as other types of distracted driving behaviors. There are laws in place against drunk driving. Many states also have laws banning texting while driving as well. The operation of most electronics is a distraction. So what about drowsy driving? You cannot face punishment for getting behind the wheel while tired. This gives people the idea that it is safe. 

But it is not safe. Drowsy drivers cause many crashes a year. A lot of these crashes have high injury or fatality rates. It is important to know the dangers when facing them on the road.