Dropped object hazards exist in every workplace. For construction workers in Suffolk County, it’s possible to avoid these types of construction injuries by understanding the risks. Even small objects dropped from significant heights can become deadly projectiles.

Loose objects, unnecessary objects, poorly stacked items, unsecured items and even entire or parts of structures can become dropped objects. They can be static or dynamic. If the object’s own weight causes it to fall without any force applied by someone or something, it is known as a static dropped object. Inadequate securing, vibration or corrosion can all cause this to occur.

When an object drops after a force is applied, it is called a dynamic dropped object. Unintentional snagging of stacked items or machinery and collisions that cause dropped cargo loads are examples of dynamic dropped objects. Construction workers at lower levels risk being struck by objects dropped from scaffolds or other elevated positions. If something as small as a nut or bolt falls a great distance, the protection of a hard hat may not prevent a catastrophic head injury

Employers in Suffolk County are responsible for employee safety, and putting safety measures in place is part of that responsibility. Workers who suffer construction injuries caused by dropped objects or other hazards will be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. An attorney with experience in this field can assist with the benefits claims process and work to obtain maximum compensation under applicable laws for the injured worker.