If you asked most Americans to picture a hazardous workplace, it is likely that the majority will think of a construction site or perhaps a quarry. However, one of the most dangerous workplaces is on nearly every street corner in America.

That workplace is the office. According to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, office workers are over two times more likely to suffer a serious injury as a result of a fall as compared to non-office workers.

What makes falls so common in offices?

Many falls are due to a lack of vigilance on the part of the employee. For instance, tons of falls happen each year by tripping over an open file cabinet drawer or an extension cord that somebody strung across the hallway. It is common for office workers to be in a deep conversation with a co-worker and simply not watch where they are going.

Other common causes of falls are when office workers try to reach high up objects by standing on an office chair rather than going to retrieve a step ladder. Loose carpeting is often the culprit behind a fall, as are slick floors when workers track in rain or snow from outside.

How can I prevent falls?

The first is to stay vigilant. Keep your eyes out for potential hazards in hallways. You should also alert your employer to any habitually dangerous areas in your office, such as areas with loose carpet or electrical wires. Make sure to grab a proper ladder if you need to reach something high up rather than using a chair.