When you think about the risk of injuries in the workplace, what positions do you think are the most dangerous? Generally, if someone thinks about workplace dangers, they are less likely to think about retail work. They may think about construction or fishing as more dangerous occupations. While it is true that these are more dangerous, retail work also has its share of risks that employers and employees must take into consideration. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the injury statistics in the retail industry for 2018. 

What are the most hazardous retail jobs? 

According to Amtrust Financial, there are retail jobs that carry more risks than others. Four classes tend to have the most injuries in the retail industry. These classes include meat, hardware, hairstyling and automobile parts. 

Retailers in the meat and poultry industry tend to work with sharp knives and saws. This equipment can lead to lacerations, cuts and worse. In the hardware industry, ladders and heavy equipment account for a lot of the injuries. For hairstylists, slip and fall injuries are common and those in the automotive industry report soft tissue injuries in the upper extremities. 

What are the most common retail injuries? 

The most common illnesses and injuries in the retail industry may not surprise you. The injuries that retail workers commonly suffer include: 

  • Strains 
  • Sprains 
  • Tears 

Other common injuries include back injuries, generally from heavy lifting or falls on the sales floor. A retail worker may become injured due to falling or tripping. In other instances, injuries happen due to contact with equipment or other objects.