Workers in all industries in Long Island and elsewhere in New York face occupational hazards each day. Work-related injuries and illnesses that result in lost workdays can ruin the financial stability of workers. However, the workers’ compensation insurance system is there to have their backs. Many workers have questions about the types of benefits available and when they apply.

Benefits typically cover lost wages and 100% of medical expenses. However, wage replacement packages are only paid after a specific number of days away from work — this could be from three to seven days, depending on the insurance provider’s policies. For shorter absences, the benefits only cover medical expenses. Workers whose injuries result in disabilities are classified according to the severity of the injury and their ability to return to work.

When injuries cause temporary disability, severe enough to prevent their return to work until after recovery, temporary total disability benefits are paid until the worker can return to work. In some cases, injuries may prevent workers from returning to the position they had before the injury, but leave them able to do other jobs or restricted duties for the same employer. If the worker receives a lower wage under such circumstances than what was previously earned, he or she might qualify for temporary partial disability benefits. These benefits will address the shortfall in his or her wages.

Navigating workers’ compensation benefits is often a complicated process. For that reason, many injured workers in Long Island seek the support and guidance of an attorney with experience in fighting for their rights. While legal counsel navigates the benefits claims process, injured workers can focus on recovery and returning to work.