Distracted driving kills people. And although distractions are often out of your control, that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to fight against actions that may cause you to lose focus behind the wheel.

In this day in age, a good place to begin with taking a stand against distracted driving begins with a little screen you probably carry with you everywhere you go — your cell phone. Knowing that sending one short message can cause a fatal collision should be a good enough reason to put down your phone behind the wheel. But you might find yourself relying on it in other ways while driving, like controlling music or navigating route.

If you’ve become accustomed to picking up your phone while driving, here are three ways to kick the habit:

  1. Go cold turkey

One way you can stop yourself from using your phone is to shut it off or to pack it away. You can try putting it in a compartment within your car or the trunk. That way if you really have a reason to use it, you’ll have no choice but to pull over safely somewhere to retrieve it.

  1. Park your car

If you don’t become fully immersed in singing your favorite tunes or staring at your phone screen, then it’s okay to listen to music through a streaming app or use a mapping app on your phone. The key is to select music and type in directions before your car is in motion.

  1. Get professional help

Cell phone addiction is something many adults face. Unfortunately, as much as someone might want to avoid checking social media during the middle of a traffic jam, it can be nearly impossible when technology becomes addictive. To work on your addiction, you use an app to track how much time you use your phone and try and decrease it. And if you can’t seem to battle on your own, you can ask a therapist for suggestions that may your situation.

There’s no shame in admitting you need help to fight the urge to text and drive. However, there are legal consequences when law enforcement officers catch drivers texting or when distracted drivers cause accidents.