Receiving a denial for your Social Security Disability application in New York may seem like the end of the road, but do not give up. The Social Security Administration often denies the first request, but you may be more successful if you appeal. 

Here are the four levels of the appeals process. 

1. Reconsideration

When you request a reconsideration, you have the opportunity to submit new evidence. A Social Security representative who has not seen your case before will review all the information you have provided. As with the first submission, you will not need to be there for the process. 

2. Hearing

If your claim is still not successful after the reconsideration, you can request a hearing. An administrative law judge who is new to your case will review all the information you provide. Not only can you provide new information, but you can also bring expert witnesses, such as physicians, physical therapists or vocational professionals, who can testify as to your condition and your inability to work. You may be able to attend the hearing via video conference if necessary. 

3. Social Security’s Appeals Council

The SSA does not guarantee a review from its Appeals Council if the hearing results in another denial. You will receive a copy of the council’s decision, and a denial will include an explanation. A positive decision will result in a new hearing. 

4. Federal court

Your last resort is to take your case to court. You will receive instructions on how to request that a federal court consider your case in the denial letter from the Appeals Council.